Monday, April 6, 2009

Looks Who's In H Style Magazine!

Hello gorgeous guys & gals,

Our Bee Gorgeous Hand & Body Veil is featured now in H Style Magazine, a publication dedicated to supporting local communities and Green businesses. Scroll down to the Organic Products page and you'll find us, along with a slew of other wonderful companies dedicated to producing natural cosmetics, nutritional products, and other lovely goodies.

A site orginated by models in the fashion industry, H Style Magazine is host to daily poetry submissions, empowering articles for self-employed women, organic news and events, and of course, the best organic products in your community (including yours truly!).

Here is today's poetry submission to start your Monday off on an empowering note. For more information, visit ENJOY!

How I know that things always get better

I'm not going to tell you that it feels easy
Maybe this morning you woke up under a heap of stones
I won't tell you that it doesn't feel
thin or frail
I know how the ironwood can be used to intimidate the skeletal withstand
I know what it means
to dote over a handful of bread
I know how it is to wake up with a mouthful of tears

Just this moment doesn't erase a heated scar
Doesn't move across the sky like a collapsed bone--
Doesn't hold you in that place that waits,
like oxblood, red, in a river of stones

But I do know what it means to lift your eyes up
I do know what it's like to look for the cottonwood
to long for a single reprieve--
I can tell you about the sugar loaf
bruised by a handful of lemon
I can tell you how commodious pain
dipped behind the bloodbone
and came up reborn

See I'm not going to tell you that I received it easily
The most stubborn of thorns would be a witness in my side
But I will tell you
with hands full
with a clean heart-
that I do know what it's like to raise up a meal
of simple rice, yams a little bit of chicken & stew
to teary eyes that watched a memory
broken in the half moon of early morning
eyes that watched a ribbon of smoke dancing up from that plate of warm food
dancing like a woman alone on a Friday night;
Dig, hip-bone grind--lean into it again
and raise her arms to the sky

Hoping you have a lovely week!

Bee Well, Bee Loved, Bee Gorgeous

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